Relaxing procedures are an integral part of our life. Saunas, massages, Jacuzzi and other ways of feeling refreshment of mind and body help to maintain our health. On the other hand, taking care of our beauty full legs laser hair removal becomes among the most widespread beauty services.
Sauna lovers must accept as a given that those two ‘amenities’ cannot be mixed. Why is sauna forbidden after laser epilating? On the other hand, such procedure is understood among the most effective and painless procedures while on the other hand skin is influenced by laser waves and therefore irritated. Angriness and inflammations are considered as something normal while any thermal influences may affect skin negatively.
Sauna visiting may lead to different complications or even infections therefore all thermal influences are forbidden for at least 2 weeks. Even taking shower water should be warm, not hot. In case of any complications patients should apply to cosmetologists or even doctors but in case of qualified and professional service such situation is almost excluded.