When an injured person proves that an injury has been caused by the following reasons, compensation should be obtained:
• Insufficient illumination. Residential and commercial territories should be illuminated appropriately. When there is no appropriate illumination, persons may be easily injured during the dark time.
• Icy surfaces. Special measures should be taken during the winter period to avoid slippery surfaces. According to statistics, the number of slip and fall accidents is 89% higher in winter.
• Liquid spill. Slippery floor leads to fractures, brain injuries and other consequences therefore liquid spill should be timely removed.
The indicated reasons are pointed out as the most widespread ones but their total number is rather numerous.
In fact, Michael Brook attorneys recommend injured persons to ask for professional help while meeting with a slip and fall accident. Experienced and professional lawyers define either accident victims deserve compensation or not. The amount of compensation can be also evaluated by professionals.