Sometimes cellulite is called as normal state of women’s body and such statement is rather questionable. On the one hand about 90% of women face to cellulite and the first stage is not noticeable but on the other hand taking no measures leads to other stages appearing that are considered as a serious aesthetic problem.
Women must love themselves who they are but nevertheless ladies are able to go to perfection and beautiful look can be achieved by following some simple recommendations. They imply both home and professional services.
Some people equal cellulite reduction to diets and continuous physical activity while in fact those fears are just a myth.
Necessary changes of your lifestyle
Healthy nutrition and physical activity are called the strongest enemies of cellulite but moreover those factors positively affect your health in general. Healthy nutrition doesn’t mean diets, just some limits that need will power. Avoiding fast and junk food you will significantly improve your health.
Physical activity is important from the point of view of keeping your muscles up. Devote some 30-40 minutes per day anytime you want and the result will undoubtedly impress you.
But professional techniques should be applied when cellulite is diagnosed on the second stage or further.

Velashape cellulite treatment is considered among the most effective services that are invented to beat cellulite.

Positive effects of Velashape
Such technique implies unique equipment applying that functions on the basis of electro optical technology. This equipment combines several methods – mechanic influence, vacuum massage, radio-frequency modes and light energy.
Velashape improves blood circulation leading to removing toxins out of a body. The skin becomes elastic. Cellulite gradually disappears leading to body contouring. Velashape for skin tightening is also applied frequently.
What should be remembered?
While ordering Velashape service in beauty salons, take no medicines that are oriented to blood thinning. Cosmetic products should be also excluded for that period. But epilating procedure is highly recommended. Moreover experienced cosmetologists recommend drinking more water between sessions.
Apply to professionals only who guarantee the best effect defining the number and frequency of sessions you need.