People have different washrooms but everybody undoubtedly loves spending time there. Previously you should select a tub that perfectly corresponds to your bathroom by dimensions, design and functionality.
At present time different bathtub shapes are offered therefore a homeowner may select both standard and extraordinary models.
Right-angled shape is the simplest and cheapest one. Such variant is suitable for space-limited washrooms and match several interior styles.
Oval or semi-circular models are most frequently produced of acryl and look quite elegant but at the same time those tubs are not so firm and their serving term is more limited.
Round or quarter bathtubs are chic and functional but they are extremely expensive and are suitable for spacious rooms only.
Despite the tub shape and their quality through the time stains and scratches become more and more noticeable. Nowadays such problem may be solved quite easily. Apply bathtub refinishing NYC and get new looking tub restored by experienced technicians that provide warranty.