Everyone has face hair but in some cases it is almost invisible while others suffer dense and long pilage that spoils look. Women face the problem of hair appearing above the upper lip, on the jaw and cheeks. Obviously representatives of the fair sex try to get rid of such cosmetic defects applying different ways.

Nowadays there invented plenty of various techniques of hair removal. The cheapest and simplest procedure is shaving or epilator using but the effect obtained is not continuous. Such manipulations must be done every 2-3 days. More innovative techniques are waxing or sugaring but still they guarantee effect for some 3 weeks.

The best decision is permanent hair removal for face with the help of laser equipment. It helps getting rid of undesirable hair for some 5-6 months destroying follicles so this decision is regarded as the most effective.

The procedure of laser depilation has some contraindication so the possibility of its providing should be discussed with a qualified cosmetologist.