Nowadays only a few people clean their dwelling by themselves. Absolute majority delegates this obligation to specialized companies where professional cleaners work. Such decision economizes much time and efforts guaranteeing at the same time perfect result.

Highly qualified specialists select necessary liquids for various surfaces and clean them ideally without any stains. All angles and heard-to-reach places will be appropriately cleaned.

House cleaning prices can be different and they are formed under the following conditions:

  •         total area of room or apartment where the cleaning is provided;
  •         amount of windows, mirrors, glass surfaces;
  •         presence of things that demand special care (e.g. leather sofa);
  •         amount of furniture that is hardly moved;
  •         ordinary service or terminate one;
  •         loyalty card.

So the price is counted individually taking into account factors that are indicated above. It can be discussed directly with a manager.

Such service may be ordered at any convenient time. Team of qualified specialists arrives and provides professional cleaning in particular accommodation.